Courses on professional writing



WriteGoodEnglish harnesses the techniques of journalism practice to assist the non-professional in acquiring the writing skills that are now demanded of staff at every level, no matter what their discipline. Increasingly, staff is required to communicate effectively through the written word whether by memo, reports, press releases, web or email.

WriteGoodEnglish is a set of unique writing courses of comprehensive instruction that not only enhances the skills and the understanding required of good writing but also improves the story-telling techniques of the writer. The courses are taught by former Times, Observer and BBC correspondent, Bill Johnstone, who has designed and delivered the same for student journalists and corporate communicators at the universities of Florida, Georgetown, Embry-Riddle and Liverpool.

WriteGoodEnglish has been designed to take the writer through the steps needed to acquire those important narrative skills. Conciseness, grammar, punctuation, sequence and all the other basic elements needed to attain professional standards are taught in these unique courses.

WriteGoodEnglish courses are tailored in length and content, delivered at the client's preferred location.

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